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Running Days 2718
Total Deposits $214419145.86
Today Deposits $585489.74
Total Withdraws $88608047.52
Today Withdraws $932662.13


We guarantee the profit of the users and in case of loss, the insurance companies that are our contractors will pay everyone.


You do not need to take training courses on how to work and deal. The system is quite simple and all will be done by platform specialists.


The company offers you several investment plans that you can choose the duration of your investment and the time of your contract.


Our average profitability is several times the average profitability of banks and financial institutions. You can get a good profit in a short and limited time without putting your money in the banks for a long time and wasting your time.

About Us

Shop Investment Ltd, technology helps organizations be more creative, drive new innovations and focus on adding stakeholder and societal value. We accelerate AI implementation and deployment – easily and everywhere – with our One-Stop-Shop for Shop Investment. It is the world’s first ‘farm and schooling system’ for Shop Investment LTD. Through intense customer engagement and technology peer reviews, our team of world-class Shop Investment development professionals, with over 10 years of combined experience, has developed a suite of B2B AI tools and Shop Investment for different AI application scenarios. Leveraging Shop Investment software designs based on industry best practices, Blockchain technology, Machine Learning, and prior AI knowledge, our Shop Investment architecture is unparalleled in its security, scalability, portability, and flexibility. By investing in our company, you will contribute to the economic prosperity of several stores and you will also receive a profit commensurate with the amount of your investment.

Invest Plan's



Daily For 3 Days
(Principal Included)
(Unlimited Deposits Allowed)

  • $10-$3000 34.5%
  • $3001-$5000 40%
  • $5001-$7000 45%
  • $7001-$10000 55%
  • $10001-$12000 75%
  • $12001-$20000 115%
  • $20001-$50000 185%
Deposit Deposit



Daily For 2 Days
(Principal Included)
(One Deposit Per Month Allowed)

  • $3001-$5000 60%
  • $5001-$7000 70%
  • $7001-$10000 90%
  • $10001-$12000 130%
  • $12001-$20000 200%
  • $20001-$50000 350%



After 1 Day
(Principal Included)
(One Deposit Per Month Allowed)

  • $5001-$7000 150%
  • $7001-$10000 200%
  • $10001-$12000 300%
  • $12001-$20000 500%
  • $20001-$50000 800%

Affiliate Program

1% $10-$3000
5% $3001-$5000
10% $5001-$7000
20% $7001-$10000
30% $10001-$12000
35% $12001-$20000
40% $20001-$50000

In addition to being able to make a significant profit by investing in the company, we offer you to participate in an attractive rewards program to introduce investors. You can not design your own team, and in this team, friends and acquaintances, as well as in Start social networks and earn a profit for introducing an investor. You can start marketing through the special link you put in your user section. Note that the commissions of our company are much higher than other companies, and the more extreme investments they have introduced, the higher your profit will be. You can see the percentages below.

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